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Building the policyโ€‹

So far we have built the policy using as a compilation target the same operating system and architecture of our development machine.

It's now time to build the policy as a WebAssembly binary, also known as .wasm file.

This can be done with a simple command:

make build

This command will build the code in release mode, with WebAssembly as compilation target.

The build will produce the following file:

$ file target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release/demo.wasm
target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release/demo.wasm: WebAssembly (wasm) binary module version 0x1 (MVP)

Distributing the policyโ€‹

This topic is covered inside of the distributing policies section of Kubewarden's documentation.

More examplesโ€‹

You can find more Kubewarden policies written in Rust inside of Kubewarden's GitHub space. This query can help you find them.

Worth of note: these repositories have a series of GitHub Actions that automate the following tasks:

  • Run unit tests and code linting on pull requests and after code is merged into the main branch
  • Build the policy in release mode and push it to a OCI registry as an artifact