As stated on the official website:

Swift is a general-purpose programming language built using a modern approach to safety, performance, and software design patterns.

The swift compiler doesn't yet have WebAssembly support, however the Swiftwasm provides a patched compiler with this capability.

The Swiftwasm team is also working to upstream all these changes into the Swift project. In the meantime the toolchain provided by the Swiftwasm project can be used to build Kubewarden policies.

Note well: you don't need an Apple system to write or run Swift code. Everything can be done also on a Linux machine or on Windows (by using Docker for Windows).

Current State

The creation of a Swift SDK is in progress, it can be found inside of this repository. We plan to provide a template project to simplify the process of creating Swift-based policies, like we do with other languages.

The documentation will be expanded to cover more detailed instructions for Swift as soon as the work on the SDK is done.

In the meantime, no severe limitations have been found inside of Swift, only some minor glitches:

  • It's critical to perform some post-build optimizations before using the policy "in production":
    1. Strip the Wasm module via wasm-strip to reduce its size
    2. Optimize the Wasm module via wasm-opt


This GitHub repository contains a Kubewarden Policy written in Swift.

The policy's Makefile has a release target that takes care of the optimizations outlined above.

Worth of note: this repository has a series of GitHub Actions that automate the following tasks:

  • Run unit tests and code linting on pull requests and after code is merged into the main branch
  • Build the policy in release mode and push it to a OCI registry as an artifact