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Version: 1.10

Dependency matrix

This page lists the dependencies of Kubewarden, with their relevant version constraints. Versions outside of the provided ranges may work but are not tested.

Opentelemetry, metrics and tracing dependencies

At the time of writing, the Opentelemetry stack keeps improving. Still, is not yet stable, and unannounced backwards-incompatible changes still happen. Kubewarden devs do their best to track Opentelemetry stack changes and adjust to them. Kubewarden is tested against a known working range of Opentelemetry, metrics and tracing stack.

Hard dependencies

Needed for Kubewarden deployments.

Chart dependencyHelm chart appVersionHelm chart versionComments
jetstack/cert-manager chart>= 1.13 < 2Example: v1.13.2Plans to make optional

Optional dependencies

Needed for specific features.

Chart dependencyHelm chart appVersionHelm chart versionFeature
open-telemetry/opentelemetry-operator chart>= 0.85Example: 0.39.2OTLM
prometheus-community/kube-prometheus-stack chart>= v0.69Example: 51.5.3Metrics
jaegertracing/jaeger-operator chart>= 1.49 < 2Example: 2.49.0Tracing
kyverno/policy-reporter chart>= 2 < 3In kubewarden-controller chart as subchartPolicy Reports UI
CRD dependencyVersionHelm chart versionFeature CRDsv1alpha1In kubewarden-defaults chart or manually installedAudit Scanner


For downstream consumers such as Rancher, Kubewarden is tested against the monitoring and tracing Helm charts provided in the Rancher charts repository.