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Version: 1.13

Cryptographic capabilities

Because of Wasm constraints at the time of writing, some cryptographic libraries cannot be compiled to Wasm. In the meantime, Kubewarden policies needing those libraries can perform callbacks to evaluate the cryptographic functions on the host side. They receive the result, and continue with their tasks.

WaPC protocol contract

If you are implementing your own language SDK, these are the functions performing cryptographic checks exposed by the host:

waPC function - v1/is_certificate_trusted input

# Certificate:
# **mandatory**: Which encoding is used by the certificate
# Either the string "Pem" or "Der".
"encoding": string,
# Actual certificate
# The certificate is UTF-8 encoded.
# It's an array of bytes of the unicode code pointers of a PEM/DER encoded
# certificate string.
"data": [byte(int), ..., byte(int)]

# **mandatory**: PEM-encoded certificate to verify
"cert": Certificate,
# optional:
"cert_chain": [
# list of certs, ordered by trust
# usage (intermediates first, root last)
# If empty or missing, certificate is assumed
# trusted
# RFC 3339 time format string, to check expiration
# against.
# If missing, certificate is assumed never expired
"not_after": string

waPC function - v1/is_certificate_trusted output

# true if certificate verified:
"trusted": boolean,
# empty if trusted == true:
"reason": string