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Version: 1.9

Metrics Reference

Kubewarden exposes some relevant metrics that enhance visibility of the platform, and allows cluster administrators and policy developers to identify patterns and potential issues.

Policy Server

The Policy Server is the component that initializes and runs policies. Upon receiving requests from the Kubernetes API server, it will forward the request to the policy, and return the response provided by the policy to the Kubernetes API server.



Baggage are key-value attributes added to the metric. They are used to enrich the metric with additional information.



policy_nameName of the policy
resource_nameName of the evaluated resource
resource_kindKind of the evaluated resource
resource_namespaceNamespace of the evaluated resource. Not present if the resource is cluster scoped.
resource_request_operationOperation type: CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE, PATCH, WATCH...
acceptedWhether the request was accepted or not
mutatedWhether the request was mutated or not
error_codeError code returned by the policy in case of rejection, if any. Not present if the policy didn't provide one.