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Audit Scanner - Limitations

Supported event types

Policies can inspect CREATE, UPDATE, and DELETE events.

The audit scanner cannot simulate UPDATE events, as it doesn't know exactly which part of the resource needs to be changed in a meaningful way.

Because of that, policy interested only in UPDATE events will be ignored by the audit scanner.


The audit-scanner v1.7.0 release supports only CREATE events. DELETE ones will be handled in the near future.

Policies relying on user and user group information

Each Kubernetes admission request object contains information about which user (or ServiceAccount) initiated the event, and to which group they belong.

All the events simulated by the audit scanner are originated by the same hard coded user and group. Because of that, policies that rely on these values to make their decisions will not produce meaningful results.

For these cases, the policy should be configured to be skipped from the audit checks.

Policies relying on external data

Policies can request and use external data when performing an evaluation. These policies can be evaluated by the audit checks, but their outcome can change over time depending on the external data.

Usage of * by policies

Both the AdmissionPolicy and the ClusterAdmissionPolicy custom resources have the following fields:

- apiGroups: [""]
apiVersions: ["v1"]
resources: ["pods"]

The apiGroups, apiVersions and resources attributes can use the special * inside of them. This is a wildcard symbol that causes the policy to match all the values used inside of the field.

Policies that make use of the * symbol are going to be ignored by the audit scanner.